From the beginning of the school year i vowed to pass all my classes and do all the necessary step to graduate high school. Now in year 2020 my goals have not change but only have been expended upon. For example i’ve decided to stop procrastinating on my homework and my studies also to stop being so indolent and get out more and do what i’m assign to do. In previous year i’ve struggle academically and keeping my mind focus on task and now that second quarter is coming to close i’ve also decided to try to finish strong academically, physically,and mentally, today is the day were i start planning my future. College is a big step from high school because you need to be more mature and have money and I lack both so I’ve decided to join army. I haven’t really prepared but my Brother is a drill sergeants so he talk to me about what I need to do to be the best so right now it’s working out almost everyday to get ready physically and mentally by not giving up. To conclude in 2020 I’ll be graduating high school with my diploma and then it’s of to the army.I want to be part of the airborne like my brother and I will work hard to strive for my goal.


If I had one more day to live what would my last meal be? Who would I eat it with? Where would I eat it? These are questions you don’t really think about unless your already 5 hits in no but really these questions really make you think. There are millions upon millions of different kinds of meals out there in the world but what would your last meal be? My last meal would have to be my favorite food on earth a triple decker cheesy goodness a meal really meant for the gods but somehow ended up on earth yes lucky sir you are right it is(epic drum roll) Lasagna. Now the next question who would I eat it with? Thats a no brainer my family, there is no one in this world i would want to eat my last meal with and the location I would eat it at is at my house just like any other day. To me eating a meal with my family at home would mean the world to me it represents a strong connection with them and no matter what happens we will always have a bond.

College was not my opinion

Society has told us that college is fundamental to your success but for many people including me feels that not case. I am almost 17 years old and my life as an adult is about to commence and I need to figuring out the step I need to take on surviving on my own.

As senior I have three and a half quarter left to think what I will do for the rest of my life so I decided to join the army. For four years they will teach me how to become a leader and more self reliant they will also give me a place to sleep, eat and learn. The army doesn’t just stop there but they also have many benefits including health and dental care also special home loans and discounts and etc. The army for me has never been to join because I don’t have nowhere else to go but it has been one of my life dreams ever since I first saw my brother put on his uniform. Therefore after my senior year has ended I will be planning on joining the army and live and train and work hard to climb the rank and have enough money to support myself and my family.

The exit interview

I’ve known my brother since the day I was born. I remember when me and him use to throw pillows at each other after watching our favorite show and now he is 22 years old and in college but before that he was in the army for 4 long years. In that time he learn ”pain is only temporary and it will subside” those exact word is what he believes in and I as well.

My brother or also known as Cristian join the army when he was 17 years old and the reason is because he needed the money to pay for his college and to become a better leader. While he spent his time there he told me “ it was more mentally exhausting than physically “ which I can’t even imagine the struggles he went through In those 4 years and it is why he is my role model to this day. His words can be applied to life you may be feeling pain now but in time that pain will get easier to handle.

Cristian is currently in the reserve and has no likelihood of joining back again. He is also attending college to study a career in criminal justice and in hopes of getting his bachelors degree in a pursue of getting a career in that field.

Toward the end of the interview my brother had these last words to say “don’t get too complaisant” which in other word means to be yourself and try not to always please other. At the of the day it’s your life to do with as you please it may be a clique but are word not be be trifled with.

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